Friday, December 30, 2005

Why is this such a problem?
I'm not sure. But this blogging nonsense, really gets into a person. Wait. It will pass. Because in about a month or two... it will be like I never had a blog... except I will...

for those of youwondering: my brother's team unfortunately lost their game yesterday. Heartbreaker. However they did win this morning!!! Yay! So they have come in 3rd, in the Wesmen Classic, here in Winnipeg... GO JEFF!!!

Just so you are all aware, I have numerous other family members, who have not been mentioned. I just don't have pictures of them downloaded yet.
My family is the following:

Mom and Dad/Beppa and Grandpa/Linda and Bill etc...
Joel and Deb (oldest brother, and sister-in-law!)
Savannah, Tia, Siebe, Emmalee, Matteya (nieces and nephew, Joel & Deb's kiddies!)
Lora (aunty) and Scott! the elder sister[not by toooo much], and the boyfriend!!!
myself and Adrian
Jana (Aunty) [younger sister]
Jeff (uncle) [younger brother]

That should be it for blood relatives.
I am going to be inheriting a new family soon... well, in about: eight months (FREAK OUT!!!) and they are the lovely clan of Enns...
You know, if I started naming everyone I love on this page...
it could possibly get out of HAND!
freakish. I was thinking today, that I should most likely create an online photo album, so that I can put pictures in that and then I wont have to use up SO MUCH SPACE on my blog... but what fun is THAT!?!?!? yah, I'm not sure.
Anyhow. The end of the year approaches. New Years Eve: upon us!
I hope all of you are safe, and joyful! And have a little too much fun.
blessings. See you in the NEW YEAR!!!!!! (confetti falls from the sky! horns are blowing... IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Check out the Music Team group site from The Meeting Place!

My dear roomate and friend: Jodi Epp! We've lived together for almost two years! Our apartment ROCKS!!! Posted by Picasa

Jana and Me... in Winnipeg!  Posted by Picasa

This is my sister: Jana. She is in Ethiopia right now... I had the PRIVILIDGE to go and visit her last year (around this time, actually... crazy!) and we had SUCH a good time. Here we were biking in Bahar Dar - terrible bikes, and bumpy roads = SOAR BUMS!!!! But it was a trip to remember! Jana works in an orphanage in the capital city (Addis Abbaba) and is amazing at it. She has always been good with kids, and her heart is full when she gets to invest time into the lives of those children! Posted by Picasa

And the nephew. Siebe. This is Canada Day, in Winnipeg! My brother Joel and sister-in-law Deb, live in BC (Langley) but once a year (or every other year... sniff...) they come out to Winnipeg. Which makes Beppa and Grandpa, and uncle Jeff and Aunty Maria, SO HAPPY!!!!  Posted by Picasa

Tia (left) & Savannah (right)... More neices!!! I know! Some of you are beginning to wonder: how MANY does she have??? Well... we're almost done...  Posted by Picasa

Matteya! Another neice... Yay! Posted by Picasa

The man of the Hour! Posted by Picasa

My neice Emmalee! Posted by Picasa

So today... I am simply infatuated with the idea that I can blog.
It is pretty exciting when thought about.
The picture above...? Yes. You ask. It is simply a picture I took, while shaking my hand, and driving with Adrian down Broadway at night. Lights are so fantastic.
Today? Today is wonderful. I have a head cold: yes. I haven't had one in forever - as far as I can remember anyways. My sinuses: they exist! Because when I blew my nose this morning... it TICKLED!!! How can something tickle, and yet hurt at the same time... ? I'm not quiet sure.
Anyhow. This is my post for the day!
I am staying at my parents, while I am in possession of Adrian's car. He decided to fly away to the Phillipines for Christmas with his family (His brother and sister-in-law are living there for a year!), so leaving his oh-so-beautiful car to me! Yay!!!

So I have means of getting around... Which means I can hang out with my family!

My brother Jeff has a basketball game today, which I WILL be attending: I love going to his games. Highschool athletics seem to be at quite a high caliber! Basketball is on the menu. Not that any of the players are edible.

Anyhow. My brother is freakishly good at almost every sport imaginable... and is one of my many heros... (though he is younger than me: this is true).

If you haven't caught on, the picture to the right, is Jeff.
So that you can meet everyone, I will post pictures of the crazy amazing people in my life... so look for those! Pictures are so fantastic. I love them. I could take them, and look at them in great amounts.

Anyhow. That will be all for today. No great thoughts. Not really a great amount of anything: but life in general is to be lived and THEN spoken of... I can't write about everything, without experiencing it. So I am off to experience LIFE, and then to write it all down...

Blessings peeps!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

One of my favourite pastimes Posted by Picasa

Yes, the rumours are true...


God has seen fit to bless me with an AMAZING fiance, Adrian Enns!

The story is this:

I flew to BC to visit family and friends for a week... Adrian dropped me off at the airport that afternoon... (Tuesday, November 22) and little did I know... five hours later he too, boarded a plane, to come out to the WONDERFUL West Coast!
Well, the next Day (November 23!) I was walking in a park in Abbostford (Mill Lake Park to be exact...) with my dear friend Brandie Bradshaw (who was IN ON IT the entire time...).
We had walked around half of the lake, when Brandie said, "Hey, why don't we sit for a little while?"
I was innocently compliant, enjoying my eggnog latte (Starbucks! yay!) and the conversation... About five minutes after being perched on the bench, Brandie got an "important call" from one of the parents of the youth at the church she works at.
She was very apologetic, but knew that she "had to take the call"... so I dismissed her graciously... and she walked away to talk quite seriously...
I remained near the bench... pondering over what to do while I waited... it was a little cold, so the thought of moving around appealed to me... I debated taking more pictures (than I already had... the park was quite pretty, and I had already been taking a lot of pics of ducks... trees... leaves...) and decided against it. My thoughts returned to my latte... and I remembered that I had finished it, and it was sitting underneath our lovely little bench...
I was thoroughly excited at the prospect of having something to do: "I could throw away my cup!" I turned around to pick it up, and there, having walked through some bushes, near the lakefront, was Adrian! Walking straight towards me!!!!

I was caught COMPLETELY offguard. My initial response was one of shock, and disbelief... like he was a mirage... something not real... I was imagining him!!!

"What... no... how...? you... no... I don't... HOW?! Oh my word..."

When suddenly it registered... Why he was there... walking towards me with 11 red roses (he had sneakily foreshadowed this event, by sending one red rose with me on the planeride to BC), his hand in his bag, and a look of nervous anticipation and LOVE on his face!!!! My response immediately turned to two things:

1. "Oh my word! Oh my word.... oh my word... Oh my WORD!" (this was repeated, for most likely 3 minutes...)
2. While tears began POURING down my face!!! (for those of you who know: I'm not much of a crier... so tears were wonderfully appropriate, in conjunction with my enthusiasm, and disbelief!)

Needless to say, Adrian got down on one knee, after some sweet antidotes about how much he loves me, and wants to spend the rest of his life getting to know me better... (yes, the tears continue to flow from my eyes!!!) and in immediate response, I break up the "Oh my words" with a "YES!!!"...

Life is nearly perfect in this moment. I feel scared: scared that I am embarking in loving one person, more than I have ever loved anybody... and knowing that without God's help... I could really mess this up!!!! But also, excitement: because I've never wanted to risk that on anybody, more than Adrian. I felt so undeserving of such a gift!
This man loves me more than I think I deserve... But I know, that God smiles on me, and wants what is best for me: and Adrian is above and beyond the best gift EVER!!!!!

I am unworthy of God's smile!!!

So. That is that! I am going to post a few pictures on here, so you can see the place, and a pic of Adrian and me on that oh so wonderful day... I am looking a little... fuzzy... as I had been crying for a LONG time...

Oh, and when Brandie returned from her "phone call" (which was really Adrian calling her to let her know that he was "in place"... ) I SHRIEKED... and the madness BEGAN!!!!!

That is that.
I thought it important to write it all down, for the world to read... YAY!!!!!!

So I would just like to thank (once again) my amazing heavenly father, who sees fit to put such gifts in my life... I have amazing friends, and a wonderful fiance, and an amazing family... all of whom support and love me... GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!

I will keep you posted on wedding plans!
WOO HOO!!!!!!

maria jane.