Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'M IN!!!!

Hello dear friends... well! Here it is: the new place, full of Adrian and my stuff... we realized that we have a lot of "stuff" between the two of us... and both of us quite reluctant to let either of ours go... an interesting dilemma I would have to say!
As you can see, from the pictures below, it is a lovely little space! I love the living room walls - they are so warm! And add such class to our living room! I love that... My parents were in Edmonton, and picked up a coffee table for me, from IKEA - so that was amazing as well!
We are going to be getting more furniture eventually, but in the meantime, we have two eclectic chairs, plopped up against the far wall... the painting above them is done by Mark Loepky, a good friend, and roomate of Adrian's. He is incredibly talented... and gave Adrian that painting. You should SEE some of his work! Amazing.
We are planning on hanging some more pictures, etc. however we wanted to wait until our living room was full of more of our stuff, so that we could get a better understanding of where it should all go... so for now, our walls are mostly bare. The painting by Mark, is hanging off of a pre-existing nail in the wall! Yahoo! So that was convenient!

I bought a fantastically cheap clock (you will see it, sitting in a little "wall nook" in the picture of the wall!) from EQ3 - on sale for $14... what a steal! I was pretty excited about that. And we are going to have beautiful green curtains in the living room as well, which will go strikingly well with the clock! Woo Hoo!!!! There are so many things to look forward too! I think the most exciting thing, is looking forward to eventually sharing this space with my oh-so-amazing man... *sigh* GO ADRIAN!!!!!

The kitchen is delightful! Wonderfully bright, with all new appliances, countertops, floors (it's like it's tile, but not really! Brilliant! It doesn't get cold in the winter! And it's softer on my feet! Woah!) and cupboards... we are spoiled! You will see my Starbucks coffee maker on the counter... yes yes... a gift for my birthday - again - I am a spoiled girl! And OH so thankful for it! YAY!!!!!

I am trying to keep all my plants alive - they have homes already, on the shelves, and kitchen table - I love plants, but I am not as skilled at feeding them, and nurturing them as I would like to be - though my intentions are purely noble, and loving... I just need to understand what they need better... and I am slowly learning! Some need water hardly once a week... others, every two-three
days... it's quite the art, those plants!
I am babysitting a friends fishright now: Peeve is his name. I am thrilled about it. I put him into a bigger "home" for now (You will see him perched on the smaller shelving unit in the living room - beside the tv, in the vase beside the white IKEA lamp...) with some lovely little stones at the bottom... I take far too much pleasure in talking to him in the morning, and feeding him. I am worried about giving him back on Friday (NO! That's TOMORROW!!!!!) because I am so delighted with him, and have such plans for him! He is going to be the healthiest, fastest, prettiest fish EVER!! [this is bad: I have only had him for about five days, and already their is ownership setting in... I am concerned...]
Anyhow... I must end this most exciting blog - sorry, there are no pictures of the bathroom, or bedrooms - I only had time to snap a few, and then we ran away... so you'll have to wait to see those! But isn't new space SO EXCITING!?!?!?!
I know it. Don't I just know it.

I will say - it is weird not having Jodi around to chat with all the time... It's always nice having your amazing roomate at home to make you laugh, and to watch tv with... Life will never be the same! I love you Jodes!!!! Here is a picture taking us back to third year at Prov... when we were living in our adorable little apartment on campus with Sarah and Laura! GOOD TIMES! My hair was so short! Wow!!!

I will leave a few more pictures of my place down at the bottom... one of the fridge (because I love my fridge, too!!) and then a bigger one of the living room... but I will have to leave for now. I can only take so much time out of a day, in order to update the WORLD (as I know it, anyways... which is significantly smaller than it sounds... and yet, due to the size of my guest list... maybe it actually is as big as it sounds...) on my oh so wonderfully normal, and yet perfectly un-ordinary life!

have a wonderful day!


Never let loyalty and kindness leave you... tie them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart. Proverbs 3:3