Sunday, December 31, 2006

a table, a table...

So, we have a table! A new kitchen table!
This was brought to life last week Tuesday (I believe December 26th) When Adrian drove over to a friend of ours, and snagged this little beauty for FREE (because I know ridiculously kind, and generous people...) We are still counting our blessings!
My mom (hey momma!) has requested a viewing of the table, and I thought to myself, "Why not let the WHOLE WORLD see our new gorgeous table! huh!?!?!?!"
So here it is!
Our pretty table - and on top of the table, is my new coffee press, that I got for Christmas! I am SPOILED!!! Adrian bought it for me, and as I write this, I am drinking a cup of coffee out of that very coffee press! And it is GOOOD!!!!
I am putting TWO pictures of the table on here... for good measure - so you can see both lovely sides... he he...
And mom - isn't it pretty!?!?!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Last night it snowed like crazy, and no one can get to church this morning! Woah! Can you even believe it? Adrian got up, looked outside, and said, (In a manly voice) - "It's a winter wonderland!"
So that is this morning so far!
And later today... DA NAH NAH...
We get to have our NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!!!!! Lots of food, and fun with friends... my favourite! yahoo!

anyhow - this needs to come to a close, cuz I have to shower, and then we have some errands to run if we can get out of our little garage... (good luck to us!)
So we'll talk to you all... later!
BAH! Do you know what I just realized? I have started referring to myself as "We"!!! I am seriously MARRIED NOW!!!!!!!!
moi ha ha.

If anyone else in Winnipeg didn't make it to church this morning - you better be readin' those bibles!!!! he he...
I'll follow my own advice.

much love!


Friday, December 29, 2006

happy birthday to my man!

Tomorrow, December 30th, is Adrian's birthday, folks (as my pops would say...) - and he needs to be CELEBRATED!!!! If you would like, you could drop him a line at: - and let him know how CRAZY AWESOME he is!
Becuase this guy, is turning a quarter of a century! WOAH!
BIG ONE!!!!!

Here is a picture of the
handsome birthday boy,
if anyone needs to be reminded of what a
GOOD LOOKING MAN I got to marry:

A note for the man:
Dear Adrian:

you are my favourite husband!
I wish the whole world could know just how much I love you!!!!
And this is one way of telling the whole world! he he...
you are wonderful, talented, hardworking, committed, loving, passionate - and so many more things. I am so grateful for you!!

Okay everyone! Show him the love!!!

moi ha ha.



Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas!

that is all... merry christmas!
the day is almost over - and I had to wish you a merry christmas, before time was lost to me. wherever you are... may God richly bless you!
he is so good!



"for unto us a child is born, to us a son is given"

Saturday, December 09, 2006

the christmas bug...

So Christmas is officially upon us.
I mean, I was excited earlier, but now it is ACTUALLY HERE - we are hardly two weeks away from the splendid weekend of merriment...

Adrian and I celebrated his sisters wedding in Winkler last weekend - his brother and sister in law, Nathan & Mary Enns flew out from Oregon, and so we enjoyed a weekend with the whole Enns family home! Yay! Truly good times. Cherry and her husband (crazy!) were actually married OUTSIDE last saturday evening, in a beautiful candle / torch lit backyard... it was really beautiful and REALLY cold...
We had Christmas together as a family on Sunday which was really fun - played some good games, opened presents, ate good food. So now we are REALLY in the spirit of Christmas!
Unlike me, I have actually bought three christmas gifs already! This is probably the earliest that I have EVER gotten the christmas shopping done... and I hardly know what to do with myself...
it's crazy. I will download some lovely pictures for you to see, of my Christmasey living room, and also a picture of Dustin & Cherry
on the wedding day... She was sooo lovely!

So this is my living room! The second screen there is Adrian on his laptop...

This is a christmas wreath, made by Jane Martens!
She is amazing, and creates the most amazing mosaics!
Check our her website: (it's alsoin my links!)

all in all, the last week or so has been nearly perfect - and the next two weeks are probably some of the busiest in my LIFE as church is soooo busy preparing for Christmas services, and then also trying to stay on top of all the usual stuff! So a busy, but oh so

cherished season is upon us!

Something I would looove to leave you with: I need to remember this - to take TIME to be quiet, and enjoy that this can be a time of stillness and mystery! It's NOT about rush, and gifts... those things maybe help us celebrate the coming of Christ, however some of the most cherished memories that I have, are nights playing cards, fondues with the family, late night talks, and laughter. Seek that out this season, and don't allow the rush to mess with you!!!

much love, and talk to you soon!