Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy Lazy Days

Life... ah, Life...

So I continue to discover that I am lazy, and unmotivated, when I am getting married, in less than a MONTH AND A HALF!!!!!!! This is a very bad thing. I am at the office: I am thinking to myself: "I am sure there is SOMETHING I could be looking up online to help me plan my wedding..." It's awful!!! I am so distracted. So I apologize to all those who are suffering do to my lack of work ethic, and discipline. If anything, I SHOULD NOT be writing on my blog. But it has been almost TWO MONTHS (lots of caps lock today... it's just that kind of a day!) since I last posted. And I thought that my beloved fans (moi ha ha) deserved a little somethin' somethin'... you know? I hope you know. Because I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! heh heh. Anyhow.Life is just ploughing along otherwise! I am super super super super super pumped about my wedding... and I consistently think that I am most likely the luckiest woman alive, because I am so ridiculously happy (when I'm not feeling guilty about not doing any work ever...) But quite honestly - I am happy otherwise! There are a few things that are making me an optimist lately...

  1. I am officially going tanning (something I never thought I would say that I would do... but apparently I am... ACK! And it makes me feel pretty!!
  2. I am wearing less makeup, because I am tanned! I love it! I am basically wearing a little bronzer (to accent the lovely tan) and mascara... I am telling Adrian that I am wearing less make up, so that on our wedding day he'll be BLOWN AWAY by how gorgeous I am... But for some reason (if I am not necessarily looking in a mirror all day... ha ha) I feel prettier with less make up on! Must be because it's how God created us... "au natural"!!!!
  3. I found my "favourite summer hat" that I love oh so much... (see picture - this was taken last summer!) which makes me ridiculously happy, because I love not doing my hair!!! And my hat lets me do that... whoop whoop!!!!
  4. I love my apartment. True story. We just moved some stuff around the otherday... lovin' it (ba da ba ba ba...) SO MUCH. Space is so important to me... so when I walk into my living room in the morning, and the sun is making the whole room so warm, and bright, and the room itself is so great... I feel HAPPY! GET HAPPY!!! heh heh...
For now - I will leave the happiness at that.
Other than the fact that I am, indeed, getting married in less than a month and a half, and the time is going to FLY, and life is INSANE. (in the membrane. moi.)

I will leave you with this.
Hopefully you haven't abandoned me completely, due to the lack of writing on this psychotic blog... *sigh*

Thanks Team! (Because really, aren't we all one big, happy, lame, and oh so CRAZY team?)