Sunday, October 08, 2006


So - here it is. The Long Awaited, blog entry!!!
Wedding pics included!!!! Look at us, all happy, and MARRIED!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!
I would like to say a few things:
1. the wedding was fantastic, but marriage is even better.
2. my apartment is MUCH better with Adrian in it.
3. Cuba is one of the hottest places I think I have ever been!
I am not going to say too much else. Time will not permit it, but I will make a subtle (but not nearly strong enough) effort to write more at another time. Keep you up to date... Oh, and the "inappropriate topic" that I wont mention - well... I'll just say refer to #2 on the list above. and sort of #3 too... he he...
I don't know if ANYONE will read this, as I have been inactively blogging for about THREE MONTHS!!! I am so sorry - and I will try to be better, but I have just fallen off the blogging earth!
blessings friends...
maria jane enns (ENNS!!!! woo hoo!!!)
ps: aren't I pretty!?!?!