Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How to begin?
Yes, a question...
I think I will be more concerned with how to end.

For now, an explanation, as to the name: "The Balance Beam"... I was trying to be "intelligent" if you will... in choosing a name for this blog. I thought to myself: 'what would summarize my process and gleanings in the last couple of years...? what have I learned?'
I answered myself, with the resounding CLANG: balance.
I have discovered that life is made up of balances... some acts I cannot make work, and others are so simple... but usually if I am in a dilemma... confused... hurt... you name it: it usually comes down to discovering a balance in my life: something tipped the scale, and I was set off in a wrong direction. Or else a very right direction, that only God himself knew was coming.
That will be it for my first day.
The optimism that this will remain "regular" is very slim (to none).

The Balance Beam