Monday, April 09, 2007

lies lies lies

yes. It is true.
I am full of them.
one month I say I wil post once a month, and four months later... LIES! BAH!

I would like to formally apologize, as I have been officially obsessed with the "MySpace" phenom for a little while now, causing me to drift from my blog-world duties...

Not that there is much to update you on in my little life! not really!
Adrian and I are house hunting... we plod along on this journey of jumping markets, cheap flips, and intense bidding wars... BOO!!! it's frustrating. But the good thing is that we are so content in our apartment. It serves us perfectly well in the meantime... so that is a relief! Woo hoo!!

Easter was yesterday - and a busy morning it was!
that's the one thing about working at church. I will rarely EVER get churc calendar holidays off... they are actually 3 times as busy as a regular weekend for me... and Good Friday and Easter were no exception. We had a pretty killer time of it all though. I directed a worship choir for Easter morning, and we ROCKED THE HOUSE!!! hehe. It was a lot of fun.
"He is Risen indeed!!"

So now i feel like I have to recuperate from the mayhem of the past weekend.
Sigh. Breathe.

Oh! Oh! Oh!
Adrian and I finally got NEW PHONES!!! A luxury we are so thrilled about.. on sale at London Drugs folks! Regular 80 smacks... now only 50!!! And it's a dual cordless handset, super fly, and super awesome, and now I can actually control the volume, AND it wont spasmadically die on me! YAHHH!!!! I am pretty pumped about them. Panasonic no less! Adrian told me they are supposed to be the better brand of phone... so here's hoping they last us FOREVER!!! hehe.

what else what else what else...
OH! My birthday was recent.
March 31st - and I had a LOVELY day - a practice in the morning, but then a play in the afternoon followed by Thai food (YUM YUM!!) and a very small gathering at our apartment, where we listened to my new Feist CD (a gift! Thank you!) and chatted, and had coffee, and this delightful fruit amazing-ness that Adrian made. GOOD JOB ADRIAN! All in all, it was a lovely day.

I am realizing more and more, that as much as I am an extrovert, I usually prefer a quiet, intimate crowd, to a huge, loud one... crazy hm? Don't I know it! I used to be all about the social mayhem... but I am nearly a "homebody" entertainer... part of it might be affording large crowds (hehe) - but I think I just love being at home, having some coffee, and lighting some of the MANY candles I am obsessed with having... *sigh*... PERFECTION!

anyhow... I cannot write much longer, as my day needs to START ALREADY! and there has been TOO MUCH of this on the internet business! But hello to my family of bloggers... I am sorry that I have been a real turd on the blog front. Now that I have written this blog I think to myself, "myspace PIESPACE!"
PIE! I LOVE IT!!! (dont! don't touch the pie Maria!)
mmmmm a la mode...

Love and Cheers!!!!