Sunday, December 31, 2006

a table, a table...

So, we have a table! A new kitchen table!
This was brought to life last week Tuesday (I believe December 26th) When Adrian drove over to a friend of ours, and snagged this little beauty for FREE (because I know ridiculously kind, and generous people...) We are still counting our blessings!
My mom (hey momma!) has requested a viewing of the table, and I thought to myself, "Why not let the WHOLE WORLD see our new gorgeous table! huh!?!?!?!"
So here it is!
Our pretty table - and on top of the table, is my new coffee press, that I got for Christmas! I am SPOILED!!! Adrian bought it for me, and as I write this, I am drinking a cup of coffee out of that very coffee press! And it is GOOOD!!!!
I am putting TWO pictures of the table on here... for good measure - so you can see both lovely sides... he he...
And mom - isn't it pretty!?!?!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Last night it snowed like crazy, and no one can get to church this morning! Woah! Can you even believe it? Adrian got up, looked outside, and said, (In a manly voice) - "It's a winter wonderland!"
So that is this morning so far!
And later today... DA NAH NAH...
We get to have our NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!!!!! Lots of food, and fun with friends... my favourite! yahoo!

anyhow - this needs to come to a close, cuz I have to shower, and then we have some errands to run if we can get out of our little garage... (good luck to us!)
So we'll talk to you all... later!
BAH! Do you know what I just realized? I have started referring to myself as "We"!!! I am seriously MARRIED NOW!!!!!!!!
moi ha ha.

If anyone else in Winnipeg didn't make it to church this morning - you better be readin' those bibles!!!! he he...
I'll follow my own advice.

much love!



saravan said...

You're a funny one...but you knew that already!

It was nice to sleep in this morning...and then to spend a good hour and a half shovelling. My dear neighbour snow-blew (word?) my front sidewalk as I shovelled his front steps. A good trade, I think!

Here's hoping I can actually get my car out to go to a new year's eve anything...


Lori said...

Nice table! And nice coffee press. :) Hope you have a great New Years party! Later, Lori

Janie said...

I like the table! Looks comfy! I love my coffee press these days too!

So we were silly and attempted to get to church, not by car, but by foot. We strapped Corrie into her sled and pulled her down the middle of the road. The only people that showed up at church were band members and their fams. So it was a small service, but nice.

Glad you had a great new years party! We had yummy food and drinks too. This may sound bad, or wrong, or something, but don't interpret it as such: I like alcohol. By which i mean we mixed up some delicious drinks, and i actualy enjoyed the taste. No worries, there is no problem in the future!
Take care