Tuesday, January 30, 2007

once a month...?

Yes, it is true.
I have decided that I have to post at LEAST once a month. It is only fair.
My sincerest apologies to those of you who have wondered if something serious had befallen me.
No. This is not the case.
I am alive, quite well (for the most part, clearly as most humans are prone to, I have had the occasional bad day, slight hissy fit, and spouts of annoyance within the last month) and still attempting to live a goooood life...
what that means - I continue to PURSUE!!!!!

But just remember... I'm alive.

short update:

WORK - hard but learning a lot lately
LOVE - most excellent, in a similar fashion - no walk in the park, but learning a lot, and loving the process. it helps my husband is so pretty...hehe.
MUSIC - I have written TWO SONGS (one not fully completed, but sorta...) in the last month... which is more than I can often say for myself. hehe. So that is really exciting for me. I am thinking that I have found a vocal groove for myself, in an R&B kinda style... I loooove singin' soul... crankin' it out - I feel SO comfortable there vocally. So that, right now, is what I am looking into producing, when I write a song. Just goin' with it... YAH! hehe.

kay. bedtime is close (actually past) in its approach. So I find the need to leave most pertinent.
the blessing of a Good God on you! yay!



Tricia said...

Updates are so nice. I'm glad you're doing well.

Lori said...

Yay, it is good to hear you're alive :) No, I wasn't worried, but nice to get a little update too. So cool that you're finding a vocal groove. I want to hear your soulful voice again, it makes me happy. I like it :)

Matthew van Leeuwen said...

Hey Maria,
It's Matt. A small world/Dutch bingo story for ya. Saturday night I watched hockey and ate pizza with some of your old friends from FVCS. You may remember Joel, Anton, and Aaron. Yup, I go to their church. Anyways, I told them that you married a Mennonite and they were very dismayed. OK, that's a lie. But, yes, it is small world, after all.

Amanda Karen said...

Kudos on the song-writing, I love to write songs as well, it's a good creative release - plus it's so rewarding! I hope to hear it someday.
Amanda (from Covenant)

Lori said...

It's been more than a month now Maria! You better get on that! :)